Hearing Aids

Next Steps to Better Hearing

Should you choose to explore hearing aids, what are the next steps?

Getting to know you

We spend time learning about you, so we can understand the style and technology level that best meets your needs and expectations. Ear impressions may be taken at this time.
This appointment will take about 45 minutes.

Your initial fitting

Your new hearing aids are programmed to your hearing loss, and fine tune adjustments are made. The first fit is all about comfort, both in terms of sound quality and physical comfort. Your trial 60-day period starts today.
This appointment will take about 60 minutes.

Follow-up appointments

This is where we really start the personalization process. The instruments are fine tuned to your preferences based on your listening experiences.
This appointment will take about 30 minutes. Usually two to three appointments during the trial period.

After the trial period

Our service does not stop after the trial. In fact, we are just getting started! We are at your service, as needed, for the life of your hearing aids. There are no charges for these appointments.

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